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Marine Corps League

Department of California

About the Marine Corps League

Established in 1923 by Major General John A. Lejeune, a distinguished WWI Veteran of Belleau Wood and Commandant of the Marine Corps. The Marine Corps League received Congressional Charter recognition as a Veteran Service Organization on August 4, 1937. The organization maintains a 501c4 non-profit status, granted special tax exemption by the Internal Revenue Service.


Our Officers & Staff

All officers and staff within the Department are volunteers, chosen through election or appointment at the annual state-level convention. Their primary role is to provide direction, assistance, and support to the various detachments that serve their local communities throughout the state. Detachments are the Marine Corps League's most crucial asset, serving as the boots on the ground in community outreach. They play a vital role in providing guidance and resources to veterans and their families. Additionally, detachments are entrusted with the important tasks of preserving Marine Corps traditions and recruiting veterans from the Marine Corps and FMF Navy who appreciate the unique bond and camaraderie of this exceptional organization.



All the Latest Updates

We are committed to disseminating crucial information to ensure the success of all detachments across the state. This platform will be your go-to source for anything related to the Marine Corps League and veteran community.

Membership Growth is important

Our membership strength embodies the voice of the veteran, a voice wielded to advocate for legislation benefiting our military, veterans, and their families. Spanning every generation since WWII, our members are a diverse and dedicated group. We are committed to mentoring and supporting the youngest generation of Marine & FMF Navy veterans, recognizing them as the catalysts who will carry forward the important work of each local detachment. We may no longer wear the camouflage uniform but the Marine Corps League still wears a uniform that instills pride in service.

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