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We aim to expand our content by including guides, forms, documents, and SOPs. If you have questions or concerns, kindly reach out to the Department Sr. Vice via email.

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Supporting legislative priorities in Washington D.C. is crucial for the Marine Corps League and veterans alike. By actively engaging in the legislative process, the Marine Corps League can advocate for policies that address the unique needs and challenges faced by veterans, ensuring their voices are heard at the national level. This involvement allows the league to champion initiatives that enhance veteran benefits, healthcare, and overall well-being. Moreover, supporting legislative priorities fosters a strong connection between the Marine Corps League and policymakers, facilitating the development of impactful laws that positively impact veterans' lives and uphold the values of the Marine Corps. This advocacy work serves as a powerful mechanism to enact meaningful change and demonstrate the league's unwavering commitment to the welfare of its members and the broader veteran community. Contact our MCL Department Legislative Liaison if you have questions or want to volunteer to help out.

Contact MCL Dept. Legislative Liaison


The Military Coalition


Marine Corps Office of Legslative Affairs


Find your U.S. Representative & Senator

The Military Coalition is a group of 35 military, veterans, and uniformed services organizations in joint pursuit of goals for our veterans. The Marine Corps League is a proud member of this coalition.

The philosophy of The Coalition is that, by working together on issues of mutual agreement, the participating organizations can harness the grassroots support of more than 5.5 million members plus their families and accomplish far more than by working on these initiatives separately. When one or more of the Coalition organizations is invited to testify before Congress, we frequently coordinate the testimony with the other Coalition associations and present it on behalf of the entire Coalition. This lends greater weight and unanimity to the testimony than if it were presented by any individual association.

Volunteering is at the very core of being a human. No one has made it through life without someone else's help.

Heather French Henry - Veterans Advocate

Alexa Young, CA

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